Call To Action Bill C216 LP1

Read the Bill: Bill C216 (44-1)

A Canada-Wide Act including a National Strategy on Substance Use and Erasing Drug-Related Convictions for Personal Use.

Thank you for wanting to find out more about Bill C-216. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re asking every Canadian to a call to personal action. We have a chance to finally make a change in the thousands of deaths each year from the poisoned drug supply in Canada. You can make a difference! Here’s how.

There is a private members bill (C-216) before the federal parliament. We need to get one and only one party on board to make it pass. That’s the Liberal Party of Canada.

We’ve created a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet with all the Liberal MP names and email addresses. We urge you to send an email to Liberal MPs, expressing your support. You can use this email template below. Just copy and paste it into your email client.

“Dear MP (Liberals)
Private Member Bill C 216 will receive the third reading in the House in May. We need your support.
We’re asking you to vote in favour of Bill C216!
In addition, please lobby your caucus so that Liberal MP’s can cast a free vote or conscience vote on Bill C216
Stop the carnage. Help end the poisoned drug supply crisis in Canada. Let’s change Canada to a health-based approach to substance use. Let’s end the deaths of more than 25,000 Canadians over the last five years. YOU can make this happen!”

Here are some additional resources: